Predicting Global Trade

Global Trade Management – a very broad subject matter which comes with a lot of different and individual expertise topics, which can already be very complex on its own, but makes them even more complex because of ever-changing rules and regulations issued by different regulators within different regions and industries.

On top of that, this needs to be managed within another complex area, being your global supply chain, in where “Speed to Market”, “Cost Optimizations”, “Due Diligence”, “Risk Management” and “Logistics Collaboration” are crucial to your business and more than just some key phrases or popular buzz words people like to use in today’s GTM and SCM spaces, which are highly driven by dynamic customer demands.

The challenge companies quite often have is they simply don’t know where to start in order to get all these different but very relevant and closely linked to each other topics in good shape. And even once done, how do various subject matters seamlessly integrate with any other one? Getting your GTM in good shape quite often contradicts with the core pillars of a dynamic Supply Chain. So…… What to do?

This is where VM Business Consultants can help!


We can support you in getting the right resources you need. Depending on your requirements and needs we are able to help you with a huge variety of topics, relevant to your Global Trade and Supply Chain business and setting up a compliance program, relevant to your business.

Some examples are:

  • Generic Business Management Support
  • Logistics Matters
  • Customs & Compliance Matters
  • Return on Investment support
  • Selection of software vendors
  • Software solution desigen & development
  • System Integrations
  • Project Management
  • Company Re-organizations
  • Financial Management

And there is many more of course. Though VMBC is a small company on its own, we utilize a very extensive international network of independent partners which all have their individual expertise but are able to think outside of the box and to see the bigger picture. Because that is what it needs, it’s as simple as that. One can’t go without another…..

So let’s collaborate instead of separate !!


After high school and college I joined the Royal Dutch Airforce as in the Netherlands the military service was still compulsory in those days. After completing the standard training program, I signed up for an additional specialized training in order to be a Stinger marksman and following I was quartered in a little place named Stolzenau, which is located in the Lower Saxony area in Germany.

At the same time I also acquired my Diploma of Proficiency for Police and Security staff. When leaving the Royal Air Force I worked at a private security company for about 4 years. However, I found out this actually was not the work which was satisfying to me.

During high school I’ve had some weekend jobs in logistics and I really enjoyed working in these environments, so I decided to apply at various logistics service providers. I started as a customer service representative and experienced a highly demanding and dynamic environment. Then I knew this is what I like! Especially the diversity of different elements within the supply chain was very appealing to me. I loved doing transport planning and bookings, handling customs clearances and filings, monthly reporting, troubleshooting, inventory management, invoicing and much more of course.

Automation became more and more important and I decided to start gaining further knowledge about this. My next job was a Logistics Engineer, in which I was appointed to optimize warehouse operations and performances by utilizing latest automation technologies. This also included bonded warehousing and other customs processes in a 3PL environment.

After a variety of successful projects I became a Business Support Manager. Main responsibility was merging the various logistics business operations and requirements together with applicable ICT environments in to each other. Back then and still today a challenging task.

I then got the opportunity to start as a Sr. Business Information Analyst. This was a more innovate role and really touched all the various aspects of a highly demanding supply chain.

In 2007 I decided to start my own company, VM Business Consultants. This enabled me to position myself also at other companies. In the beginning main activities where mostly related to corporate projects and over the years it started to become more and more consulting and sales support driven.

After the attacks of 9/11 a big increase in compliance and more strict regulatory controls occurred. I saw a market where companies could really benefit of experienced people and services supporting them and started to build a dedicated international network of professionals, touching all elements involved. Think of customs and compliance professionals, logistics specialists, ICT professionals, lawyers, software vendors and many more.

This is where VM Business Consultants stands today.

By continuously staying up-to-date and nurturing our network, we are able to help you in being successful and support you in those challenges you face day to day in Global Trade and Supply Chain.


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